Mn-Disorder Effect on Magnetism and Half Metallicity of NiCoMnGa Quaternary Heusler Alloy


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The full potential linearized augmented plane wave (FPLAPW) method within generalized gradient approximation (GGA) has been used to investigate the effect of disorder between Ni and Mn atoms on the electronic and magnetic properties of NiCoMnGa quaternary Heusler alloy. We observed that the increase in Mn concentration in NiCoMnGa destroys the half metallicity and decreases the total magnetic moment. Further, the disordered alloy exists in ferrimagnetic (FiM) ground state rather than ferromagnetic (FM) one of ordered system due to antiparallel alignment of extra Mn atom with respect to original Mn atom.



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B.S.S. Daniel and G.P. Chaudhari




M. Singh et al., "Mn-Disorder Effect on Magnetism and Half Metallicity of NiCoMnGa Quaternary Heusler Alloy", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 585, pp. 270-273, 2012

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November 2012




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