Development of Mo and Ta Foil Reinforced (MoSi2 + 20 Vol% SiCp) Matrix Laminated Composites


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MoSi2 based composites have been recognized as a potential candidate materials for high temperature structural applications. Although, MoSi2 has been reinforced by a variety of ceramic particles, ductile phase toughening of MoSi2 has received only limited attention. In the present investigation, ductile refractory metal (Mo and Ta) foils were used as reinforcements in MoSi2 matrix to prepare the laminated composites. 20 vol% SiC particles (SiCp) were also added in MoSi2 matrix to reduce the thermal expansion mismatch between MoSi2 and the ductile metal foils. The improved bonding between MoSi2-SiCp matrix layer and Mo / Ta foils due to reduced residual thermal stresses resulted in significant improvement in the room temperature fracture toughness of both the composite systems over the monolithic MoSi2.



Edited by:

B.S.S. Daniel and G.P. Chaudhari




M. K. Jain et al., "Development of Mo and Ta Foil Reinforced (MoSi2 + 20 Vol% SiCp) Matrix Laminated Composites", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 585, pp. 306-310, 2012

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November 2012




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