On the Actuation Authority of Adaptive Sandwich Beam with Composite Actuators: Coupled Finite Element Analysis


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A two noded active sandwich beam element is formulated by employing layerwise Timoshenko’s beam theory. Displacement continuity conditions are imposed between different layers of the sandwich. This element is used to model an adaptive sandwich beam with macro-fiber composite (MFC) as extension actuator and shear actuated fiber composite (SAFC) as shear actuator. Influence of thickness and volume fraction of the active fiber (PZT-5A and single crystal PMN-PT) in the composite actuators on the actuation performance of the sandwich beam is investigated. Based on several numerical experiments, it is found that the PMN-PT based shear actuators give maximum actuation authority for the volume fraction of the fibers in the range of 80%-85%, whereas in case of PZT-5A based shear actuators the actuation authority remains maximum for the fiber volume fractions 80% and above.



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B.S.S. Daniel and G.P. Chaudhari




K. V. Rao et al., "On the Actuation Authority of Adaptive Sandwich Beam with Composite Actuators: Coupled Finite Element Analysis", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 585, pp. 332-336, 2012

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November 2012




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