Grain Growth Kinetics of Accumulative Roll Bonded AZ61 Alloy


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A detailed study was performed on the grain growth kinetics of ultrafine-grained AZ61 magnesium alloy produced by accumulative roll bonding by carrying out isothermal annealing treatments on the roll bonded samples. Annealing treatments were carried out in the temperature range 423 to 573K for 2 to 120 minutes. As the annealing time and temperature increased, the grain size increased. The effect of annealing temperature and time, on the grain growth can be well explained by the kinetic equation and Arrhenius equation. Based on the experimental results of grain growth during annealing treatments, the grain growth exponent and the activation energy for grain growth were determined. The grain growth kinetic parameters were compared with other magnesium alloys processed by various methods.



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B.S.S. Daniel and G.P. Chaudhari




H. S. Nayaka et al., "Grain Growth Kinetics of Accumulative Roll Bonded AZ61 Alloy", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 585, pp. 387-391, 2012

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November 2012




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