Effect of Fe2O3 on the Physical Property of Geopolymer Paste


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Fe2O3 content affects the physical property of geopolymer paste made from waste materials. The effect of Fe2O3 was evaluated in this research. Geopolymer paste was made from the mixtures of mine tailing, melting slag, and alkali activator. Fe2O3 was added to discuss its effect with increasing the content. Compressive strength was 73.6 MPa without adding Fe2O3. But it was lowered to 32.5 MPa at the addition of 5wt. According to the analyzing results of XRD, SEM and EDS, Fe2O3 inhibited the geopolymer formation. Therefore, it is necessary to control the content of Fe2O3 to enhance the physical characteristics of geopolymer paste through the process of preparation.



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Junqiao Xiong




S. C. Choi and W. K. Lee, "Effect of Fe2O3 on the Physical Property of Geopolymer Paste", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 586, pp. 126-129, 2012

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November 2012




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