A Case Retrieval Method in Case-Based Fixture Design


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Most fixture design process are based on the reuse of the previous design knowledge and experience, in this paper, we use a case-based design (CBD) method to design fixture. Based on the analysis of various CBD methods, we found that most methods used to calculate the similarity between new part and cases are too single, so we put forward a method combining the semantic attribute similarity and the shape similarity together, use a weighted algorithm to calculate the similarity. Using this method, we designed a Fixture Design System on CATIA V5 R19, and use this system to retrieve and design fixture, the retrieved results are more close to the new part and reusable, the design process is more efficient.



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Junqiao Xiong




Y. He et al., "A Case Retrieval Method in Case-Based Fixture Design", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 586, pp. 282-287, 2012

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November 2012




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