A New Model for Fast Analysis of Leveling Process


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The paper deals with numerical analysis of the process of roller leveling of long products. The problem of multiple elastic plastic bending is solved by a program in Matlab, which is based on the Finite Element Method. The aim is to provide a simple, user friendly tool, capable of quick and reliable analysis of the process without the necessity to work with large multipurpose FEM packages. Direct solution of the problem is formulated, starting from the roll intermeshing and product geometry. Roller loading, product deflection, curvature and plastification are the output parameters of the program. With fast and reliable solution of the direct problem, optimal setting of the leveling process will be sought in an iterative process.



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Junqiao Xiong




J. Petruška et al., "A New Model for Fast Analysis of Leveling Process", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 586, pp. 389-393, 2012

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November 2012


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