High-Temperature Brazing Molybdenum


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High-temperature brazing molybdenum using palladium and titanium foils have been investigated in the experiment. Successful brazed joints are achieved from using the palladium filler foil. Brazed joints are fully dense and free of any intermetallic phase. Three point bending strengths of 246 and 233 MPa are obtained from joints using 100 m thick palladium filler foil brazed at 1580 and 1610 oC for 600 s, respectively. The application of palladium filler foil shows potential in brazing molybdenum for high-temperature application.



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Junqiao Xiong




C. C. Lin et al., "High-Temperature Brazing Molybdenum", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 586, pp. 69-73, 2012

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November 2012




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