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Authors: Guo Zhi Zhang, Ya Jing Zhang, Xing Gang Liu
Abstract: The deslaging effects of Obsidian powder after heat treatment were researched, the results show that the water content in Obsidian can be adjusted by controlling heat treatment temperature and time, so that Slag cleanser coverage spreading speed and slag shell uniformity were improved, and the deslaging mechanism ware analyzed.
Authors: Hao Ran Zhou, Hao Cheng Yang, An Sun, Shuang Zhao
Abstract: As the epoxy potting compound widely used, their flame retardant properties were concerned day by day.This paper neopentyl glycol phosphate melamine salt (NPM) was synthesised via phosphorus oxychloride as the acid source, neopentyl glycol as carbon source, melamine as gas source. The structure of NPM was characterized via infrared spectroscopic analysis (IR). Then the flame retardant properties of NPM/epoxy resin systerm were researched via the limiting oxygen index (LOI), vertical burning experiment, thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) . The result shows that When the dosage of NPM is 27%, limiting oxygen index of epoxy resin have a extremum, is 32.4, char yield is 18.7% at 600°C. NPM can play a significant role in the improvement of the flame retardant properties of the epoxy.
Authors: Xin Yue Zhang, Hua Li Ma, Yong Mei Zhao, Ning Yao, Fan Guang Zeng, Bing Lin Zhang
Abstract: Diamond film and diamond /Ti film were synthesized by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (MWPCVD) method on Si (100). Comparative studies on field emission properties of diamond and diamond /Ti films.The results show that diamond /Ti film has demonstrated large emission currents at much lower threshold voltages. Field emission current density increases rapidly with the increase of electric field and reaches to 1400μA/cm2 at 25 V/μm.
Authors: Xin Yue Zhang, Hua Li Ma, Yong Mei Zhao, Ning Yao, Fan Guang Zeng
Abstract: High density、uniform particles diamond films were synthesized by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (MWPCVD) method on Si (100). In order to improve field emission properties of thin films, sputtering the metal Ti、Al、Mo、Ni on the diamond surface respectively,and compared the kinds of diamond/metal composite film of field emission performance. The results show that the field emission properties of diamond / metal Ti composite thin film are better. The possible mechanism will be discussed in this study.
Authors: Guang Hong Zheng, Feng Long Ji, Jian Hua Ren
Abstract: A kind of titanium dioxide nanoparticles (nano-TiO2) product was employed for the multifunctional finishing of ramie fabric. A series of working baths with varying content of nano-TiO2 were prepared and the ramie fabrics were coated with nano- nano-TiO2 via a dip-pad-dry process. In order to enhance the washing durability, the ramie fabrics were pretreated by citric acid. It was proved that ramie fabrics coated with nano-TiO2 gave rise to prominent photocatalytic degradation of formaldehyde. The ramie fabrics coated with nano-TiO2 were proved to exhibit good antibacterial property. When the working bath contained 0.8 g/L nano-TiO2 the percentage of bacteria reduction approached to 100%. The ramie fabrics loaded with nano-TiO2 also showed excellent UV protective property when the content of nano-TiO2 increased to 0.8 g/L. The pretreatment of fabric by citric acid could effectively improve the washing durability of the TiO2¬ coated ramie fabrics.
Authors: Tian Li
Abstract: In order to find out the influence of geometric characteristics, distribution and combination condition of mineral aggregates on mixture properties, the single and multi aggregates were built using finite element method and the mechanical properties of aggregates was discussed. Then comparison analysis was carried out for three representative asphalt mixture structures with different gradations. Finally the optimal gradation curve was obtained. Simulation results are as follows: extreme values or damage of stress was likely to emergence on the interface between mortar and aggregate; the impact on the equivalent stress of aggregate space in vertical direction is greater than in horizontal direction; in comparison with "framework-pore" structure, the "suspend-dense" structure and "framework-dense" structure had better shear resistance behavior and load-carrying capacity. The results shows that the macroscopical carrying capacity of asphalt mixtures was determined by the microcosmical mechanical properties of aggregates, and it was a new mehtod for researching mechanical behavior owing to internal nonuniformity of asphalt mixture in future.
Authors: Fatemeh Alavi, Ali Ashrafi
Abstract: In this research the effects of the nano-particle additions and two different fabric architectures of knitted E-glass fibers on the mechanical properties of polyester fiberglass composites were investigated. The particles selected was 50 nanometer in size Al2O3 particles. E-glass fibers were knitted using two different molds by two different arrangements. Specimens were machined and mechanical tests were conducted as per the accepted test standard. Tension, impact and fracture properties were measured and their associated failure modes were compared with each other. Fracture behavior of specimens with and without nano-particle addition in unidirectional tensile test was studied using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Results obtained showed that tensile strength of the composite is significantly dependent on nano-particle addition and E-glass fiber architecture. Addition of 0.2 weight percent nano-particles enhances the tensile properties of polyester fiberglass composites. It was found that fracture behavior of composite depends strongly on nano-particle addition.
Authors: Xin Xing Yin, Ying Mao Xie, Hui Zhen Wang, Rui Lin Xiao
Abstract: The 5CB liquid crystal as defects will be introduced to one dimensional photonic crystal, taking advantage of temperature property of liquid crystal refractive index, the transmission spectrum of one dimensional liquid crystal defect photonic crystal defect modes was researched by the transfer matrix method(TMM). The numerical results indicated that when the temperature went up, one dimensional liquid crystal defect photonic crystal defect modes removed towards the long wavelength. When the temperature increased from 273k to 320k, the defect modes wavelength from 5121nm drifted to 5508nm, the wavelength shift was 387nm and the maximum of temperature sensitivity was 10.85nm/K, it was also observed that the temperature sensitivity decreased as the temperature increased.
Authors: Xiao Feng Yao, Jian Ping Wang, Dong Ping Li, Tin Ting He
Abstract: Many kinds of jewelries and ceramic could emit far-infrared rays (FIR) when subjected to the body temperature. Reported works show that FIR have some effects on human body, especially on skin, blood circulation, and skin cell vitalizing. In this study, we tried to use pearl and Panax Notoginseng powder in nanoscale as ingredients to add in viscose fiber and investigate whether this new fiber has benign regulative action on human microcirculation. SEM scanner was used to study the distribution and mean diameter of the particles in fiber. 30 graduates were chosen as subjects and divided into two groups. They used the arm sleeves either impregnated or not impregnated with pearl and Panax Notoginseng powder for 30min/an hour, and were tested the nail-fold microcirculation change. Experimental data showed a much larger improvement of nail-fold microcirculation while using arm sleeves impregnated with pearl and Panax Notoginseng powder than pure cotton arm sleeves. Experimental results are provided to demonstrate the new type iatric fiber with pearl and Panax Notoginseng powder has the capability of biological modulation.
Authors: Yu Lin Li, Bao Wen Hu, Zheng Quan He, Min Rui Zhang, Jun Min Huo, Sheng Li Yao
Abstract: In recent years, a series of gradient index (GRIN) materials including Optical glass and polymer have been Research and developed in our laboratory. The Micro-lenses and arrays with the special optical materials also have been fabricated mainly by using Ion-exchange method through refractive index profile, which are applied to micro-optic devices and other applications—— especially in the coupled and connected devices for fiber communications and medical endoscope or they are used primarily for document scanning equipments.

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