Laboratory Study on the Effect of Asphalt Emulsion as a Rejuvenator in Aged Asphalt Pavement


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Modification of the asphalt binder is one approach taken to improve aged pavement performance. To make the most of maintenance budgets, many agencies have resorted to the use of asphalt rejuvenators as an alternative to revive aging and brittle asphalt pavements. The purpose of this study is laboratory research on the effect of asphalt emulsion in restoring the original properties of aged asphalt pavement. For this purpose, the repeated load axial test is carried out on conventional asphalt samples and aged asphalt samples containing rejuvenator agents in different stress and rejuvenator percentage. Bitumen aged with RTFO according to ASTM-D2872 and the optimum bitumen of 5.5% were considered. The softening point and penetration tests, to examine the effect of rejuvenator in asphalt mixtures modification, On the basic, aged and modified aged bitumen were performed. The results represent that asphalt emulsion as a rejuvenator material in aged asphalt samples because of suitable performance improve aged asphalt permanent deformation resistance and aged bitumen Rheological property.



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Catalina Spataru




R. Tanzadeh and M. Arabani, "Laboratory Study on the Effect of Asphalt Emulsion as a Rejuvenator in Aged Asphalt Pavement", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 587, pp. 57-61, 2012

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November 2012




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