Fault Causation Analysis of Oil-Delivery Pump Based on Fuzzy Petri Net


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In oil-delivery pumps, impeller failure is a common cause leading to excessive vibration. This paper is aimed to analyze the fault causation of impeller failure in oil-delivery pumps by using fuzzy Petri net (FPN) theory. The longest path algorithm based on the forward reasoning was put forward and introduced into fuzzy Petri net. First, on the basis of various factors causing impeller failure, an FPN model of impeller failure in oil-delivery pumps was constructed. Then, by using the proposed algorithm, fault causation analysis of impeller failure was completed to calculate the credibility of impeller failure. Finally, the corresponding preventive measure was presented. The results indicate the key causing factor of impeller failure is mechanical impurities, and the credibility of impeller failure is 0.7342, which is consistent with the actual situation. The research finding demonstrates the flexibility and effectiveness of the FPN in fault causation analysis.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 588-589)

Edited by:

Lawrence Lim




J. J. Yue et al., "Fault Causation Analysis of Oil-Delivery Pump Based on Fuzzy Petri Net", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 588-589, pp. 299-302, 2012

Online since:

November 2012




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