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Authors: Wolfgang Brocks, Alfred Cornec, Dirk Steglich
Abstract:Modelling the constitutive behaviour of metallic materials based on their microstructural features and the micromechanical mechanisms in the...
Authors: Hiroaki Kurishita, Satoru Matsuso, Hideo Arakawa, Takeshi Hirai, Jochen Linke, Masayoshi Kawai, Naoaki Yoshida
Authors: Arno Plankensteiner, Bernhard Tabernig
Abstract:The optimization of CFC/Cu-interfaces for plasma facing divertor components in thermo-nuclear fusion reactors is proposed and demonstrated...
Authors: Etele Albert, Marcela Muntean, A. Ianculescu, Florin Miculescu, B. Albert
Abstract:A special ceramic material with specific performances for some extreme environments can be elaborated using basaltic-andesite as raw...
Authors: Vladimir K. Alimov, Wataru M. Shu, J. Roth, D.A. Komarov, Stefan Lindig, Kanetsugu Isobe, Hirofumi Nakamura, Toshihiko Yamanishi
Abstract:Deuterium retention in single crystal and polycrystalline tungsten and molybdenum exposed to low-energy (38200 eV/D), high ion flux...
Authors: L. Belevskiy, Vladimir A. Popov, S.A. Tulupov, Oleg M. Smirnov
Abstract:A process of friction plating was developed for modification of the surface of metal items by strain hardening combined with application of...
Authors: Dirk Biermann, T. Jansen, M. Feldhoff
Abstract:A growing demand for fibre-reinforced ceramics necessitates effective ways for machining these materials. In this paper, different tool...
Authors: A. Fernández-Vicente, G. Castro, J.L. Arias, Maria Angeles Montealegre
Abstract:In the present work, laser surface alloying of H13 tool steel by using TiC has been performed by means of DHPDL (Direct high power diode...
Authors: V.L. Goncharov, Y.V. Lakhotkin, V.P. Kuzmin, Vladimir K. Alimov, J. Roth
Abstract:The physico-chemical fundamentals (thermodynamics, kinetics) of tungsten carbides crystallization process are presented. Chemically vapor...
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