Graphite-Nimonic Alloy Brazing


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A graphite sheet has been successfully brazed to a Nimonic 105 superalloy using a commercial TiCuSil paste. A chromium layer was deposited on the graphite surface by sputtering and controlled heat treatments were employed in order to develop a suitable microstructure. Scanning electron microscopy measurements showed rough, crack-free interfaces between the filler metal and both the graphite and nimonic parts. From metallographic examination a well defined layered structure of the metallic elements close to the filler/graphite interface has been found. The metallic elements transport from the interface to the carbon bulk where they fill all the graphite pores up to a depth up of 50 μm and form a layered structure within the pores.



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Ch. Linsmeier and M. Reinelt




N.V. Moutis et al., "Graphite-Nimonic Alloy Brazing", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 59, pp. 209-213, 2009

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December 2008