Joining of Superalloys to Intermetallics Using Nanolayers


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Joining nickel based superalloys to gamma-TiAl intermetallic alloys will contribute to a more efficient application of these advanced materials, particularly in extreme environments. In this study, Inconel alloy and gamma-TiAl are joined using as filler alternated nanolayer thin films deposited onto each base material. The nanolayers consisted in Ni/Al exothermic reactive multilayer thin films with periods of 5 and 14 nm deposited by d.c. magnetron sputtering in order to improve the adhesion to the substrates and to avoid the reaction between Ni and Al. Diffusion bonding experiments with multilayer coated alloys were performed under vacuum at 800°C by applying 50 MPa during 1h. Bonding was achieved in large areas of the centre of the joints where regions without cracks or pores were produced, especially when using multilayer thin films with a 14 nm modulation period.



Edited by:

Ch. Linsmeier and M. Reinelt






A. S. Ramos et al., "Joining of Superalloys to Intermetallics Using Nanolayers", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 59, pp. 225-229, 2009

Online since:

December 2008




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