1st International Conference On New Materials for Extreme Environment

Volume 59

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.59

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Authors: Takeshi Hirai, Jeremie Compan, Keisuke Niwase

Abstract: A small area of a fine grain graphite block was exposed to intense thermal shock load at 9.6 GW/m2 and investigated by micro-Raman...

Authors: O.A. Kobelev, M.A. Tsepin, M.M. Skripalenko, Vladimir A. Popov

Abstract: Blank punch was applied for manufacturing of hollow billets by press piercing. Analysis of piercing by different punches was carried out....

Authors: Hong Bing Liu, Jie Tao, Jiang Xu, Zhao Feng Chen, Xian Jun Sun

Abstract: Based on the favorable effect of the elements Al and Si on the improvement in reducing hydrogen permeability, a new combined process of...

Authors: Jiří Matějíček, Karol Iždinský, Petr Vondrouš

Abstract: Tungsten is the main candidate material for the armor of plasma facing components for ITER and future fusion devices [1]. Plasma spraying is...

Authors: K. Mergia, Volker Liedtke, T. Speliotis, G. Apostolopoulos, S. Messoloras

Abstract: The use of ceramic composite materials in aerospace applications requires the development of oxidization protection coatings which can...

Authors: Hans Klemens Hinssen, Rainer Moormann, Bärbel Schlögl, A. Centeno

Abstract: An overview on parameters influencing the oxidation behaviour of carbon based materials in oxidizing gases is presented in order to support...

Authors: Vladimir A. Popov, K.Y. Zhizhin, N.T. Kuznetsov, K.P. Staudhammer, V.M. Retivov

Abstract: The main results of the investigation of boron-containing compounds that are planed to use as light components for creation of metal-matrix...

Authors: Michael Rieth, Andreas Hoffmann

Abstract: The possible use of tungsten alloys as structural materials in future fusion reactor divertors strongly depend on their ductile-to-brittle...

Authors: M.R. Shagiev, R.M. Galeyev, Oleg R. Valiakhmetov, Rinat V. Safiullin

Abstract: Mechanical properties of a Ti2AlNb-based intermetallic alloy both at room and elevated temperatures were considerably improved due to...

Authors: Ludger Weber, Reza Tavangar

Abstract: Diamond-based metal matrix composites have been made based on pure Al and eutectic Ag-3Si alloy by gas pressure infiltration into diamond...


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