1st International Conference On New Materials for Extreme Environment

Volume 59

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.59

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Authors: Joshim Ali, Derek Buckthorpe, Allister Cheyne, Johar Farooqi, Paul M. Mummery

Abstract: Three-dimensional finite element (FE) methods are used to predict the Young’s modulus of two types of 2D woven carbon/carbon composites....

Authors: Łukas Ciupiński, D. Siemiaszko, Marcin Rosiński, Andrzej Michalski, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

Abstract: A Pulse Plasma Sintering (PPS) process was employed to manufacture Cu-diamond composites with a 50% volume fraction of each constituent....

Authors: C. Edtmaier, Ludger Weber, Reza Tavangar

Abstract: Fe- or Mn-powders were mixed with the diamonds and the mixtures were heat treated under different gas atmospheres like hydrogen or argon gas...

Authors: C. Edtmaier, T. Janhsen, R.C. Hula, Laurent Pambaguian, Hans Georg Wulz, Stefan Forero, F. Hepp

Abstract: . A baseline electroless deposition processes for Cu on CNTs has been developed. This process results in the formation of copper particles...

Authors: Thomas Köck, Aurelia Herrmann, Annegret Brendel, Harald Bolt

Abstract: The mechanical properties of a SiC-fiber/copper matrix composite, reinforced with SCS-0 SiC-fibers ( 140µm, Specialty Materials), can...

Authors: Svetlana Levchuk, Monika Poebl, Gerhard Mitic

Abstract: In view of power electronics applications, baseplates made from metal diamond composites have been manufactured and characterised. The...

Authors: J.C. Lloyd, W.J. Clegg

Abstract: This paper examines the effect of anisotropy on the effective composite thermal conductivity, Kc, of metal matrix composites containing...

Authors: Verena Paffenholz, Stefan Lindig, Annegret Brendel, Harald Bolt

Abstract: Copper matrix composites reinforced with silicon carbide fibres (SiCf/Cu) are considered as heat sink materials for the divertor of DEMO as...

Authors: A. Ríos, A. Martín-Meizoso

Abstract: A micromechanical model is employed to investigate the influence of the interface between the fibre and the matrix of a metal matrix...

Authors: A. Ríos, A. Martín-Meizoso

Abstract: The purpose of this work is to investigate and understand the thermomechanical behaviour of copper matrix composites with long fibres. The...


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