Influence of Cutting Parameters on Torque in Drilling of Al-15%SiC-4% Graphite Metal Matrix Composites


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Hybrid Metal Matrix composite consists of at least three constituents. Machining of metal matrix composite (MMC) is difficult due to the presence of hard abrasive particles. To make the composite prone to easy machining graphite is added. Machining is a material removal process and therefore is important for the final fabrication stage prior to application. This paper discusses the influence of cutting parameter on Torque in drilling of hybrid metal matrix composites. The experiments are conducted to study the effect of spindle speed and feed rate on torque using TiN coated solid carbide twist drill of 4mm, 8mm and 12mm under dry machining condition. The influence of parameters are discussed and studied in detail.



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Liangzhong Jiang




A. Muniaraj et al., "Influence of Cutting Parameters on Torque in Drilling of Al-15%SiC-4% Graphite Metal Matrix Composites", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 590, pp. 128-133, 2012

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November 2012




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