Optimization Design of Vehicle Frame Based on ANSYS


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A special vehicle frame as the research object, its topology optimization mathematical model and its algorithm is established based on variable density method. Topology optimization method of continuum structures is applied to the frame structural design of this special vehicle using Optistruct solver. Take the least flexibility of frame as design goal; topology optimization design of frame structure was carried under the condition of flexure, torsion and flexure-torsion. New structural model of frame was determined according to results of topology optimization and engineering experience. The calculation of the stress, deformation and the volume for optimization results was conducted with ANSYS software, and compared with the data before optimization. The results showed that the safety performance of optimized frame improved, and the weight reduced.



Edited by:

Liangzhong Jiang




Y. H. Wu, "Optimization Design of Vehicle Frame Based on ANSYS", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 590, pp. 341-345, 2012

Online since:

November 2012





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