Development of Study Aids and Project Activity Procedures for STEM Educatio


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It is important to develop a student’s awareness to enable them to understand and apply the basics of sciences, mathematics, and engineering. In this study, we aim to implement STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education by enabling students to gain awareness on their own. We propose study aids and procedures for a project activity using study aids for STEM education. To enable students to gain awareness, teachers should provide a study environment that empowers students to develop their own solutions and plans and to actively develop and test their models. The project-based learning (PBL) system provides an appropriate study environment. Based on this viewpoint, we developed study aids using LEGO MINDSTORMS Set and Simple & Powered Machines Set as materials and procedures for a project activity using the study aids for PBL education. We also give examples of project activities implemented in our education system for students in various fields and we report the responses of students who participated in these project activities.



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Liangzhong Jiang




K. Yoshino et al., "Development of Study Aids and Project Activity Procedures for STEM Educatio", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 590, pp. 503-507, 2012

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November 2012




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