Study of Porous Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan Bioceramics for Bone Implantation


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hydroxyapatite/Chitosan bioceramics were fabricated by combining in-situ chemical synthesis and freeze drying method, using (NH4)2HPO4, Ca(NO3)2·4H2O, and chitosan(CS) as raw materials. The effect of freezing temperatures, solid loading and freeze-drying time on microstructures of hydroxyapatite/Chitosan bioceramics was studied. The microstructures of the fabricated porous bioceramics were investigated by means of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results showed that the hydroxyapatite/Chitosan bioceramics have interconnected porous structures from several microns to 200um, more suitable to bone tissue implantation. In addition, the porous structures are affected by freezing temperature.



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Liangzhong Jiang




F. Wang et al., "Study of Porous Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan Bioceramics for Bone Implantation", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 590, pp. 87-90, 2012

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November 2012




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