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Authors: Yoshito Nakajima, Takahiro Kaburagi, Takayuki Misu, Keishin Koh, Norikane Kanai
Abstract: Technique and also education for energy saving is attracted attention in Japan. The suggestion about the energy management system utilized embedded technology using microcomputer control and a network system has been proposed. Home energy management system can be produced in replacing with ideas of robot control system. In this paper, we report the project to producing of model of Home Energy Management System utilizing a robot control technology with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Experimentally in PBL and it is developed the teaching and learning materials for high school students who could understand a flow of the energy management and energy saving.
Authors: Kazuyoshi Yoshino, Yasunari Kurita, Akinori Zukeran, Takayuki Misu, Yasuhiro Iida, Norikane Kanai, Keishin Koh
Abstract: It is important to develop a student’s awareness to enable them to understand and apply the basics of sciences, mathematics, and engineering. In this study, we aim to implement STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education by enabling students to gain awareness on their own. We propose study aids and procedures for a project activity using study aids for STEM education. To enable students to gain awareness, teachers should provide a study environment that empowers students to develop their own solutions and plans and to actively develop and test their models. The project-based learning (PBL) system provides an appropriate study environment. Based on this viewpoint, we developed study aids using LEGO MINDSTORMS Set and Simple & Powered Machines Set as materials and procedures for a project activity using the study aids for PBL education. We also give examples of project activities implemented in our education system for students in various fields and we report the responses of students who participated in these project activities.
Authors: Liang Feng Shen, Tian Ping Song
Abstract: Through the introduction of potential analysis method, a measurement model of enterprise knowledge management contribution rate is put forward in this paper based on the improved the method of Solow’s residual value, and is estimated by the performance measure of a real estate enterprise for implement knowledge management, then the results have shown that the model and the method have good feasibility.
Authors: Hai Tao Bao
Abstract: The aerodynamic problem is associated with the shape of the forebody and afterbody of a car. The finite volume method is used to discrete the governing equations, the second-order up wind difference scheme is adopted for the convection term and the centric difference scheme for the dissipation term. The comparison of pressures nephogram and velocity nephogram are presented among nine rear windscreen angles of the symmetry. Analyzing the result, The results show that the different angle of the rear window, the flow separation and re-attachment points for the different; the resistance coefficient is also different. It is proved that the numerical simulation air flow of passenger car is feasible. The conclusions of analysis provide the theoretical foundation for styling optimization of car, it is of certain guiding significance for practical application.
Authors: Cheng Wang, Shan Zhen Xu
Abstract: Vehicle exhaust composition contains running state information of the vehicle. Real-time detecting emissions ingredients of the vehicle can realize engine fault diagnosis. Based on the engine exhaust emission abnormal reason analysis, the design scheme of the hardware and software of the system was established. By using the neural network and virtual instrument technology, the software of the engine fault detection system based on emissions was developed. This system is not only to test the gas concentration that contained in automobile exhaust such as CO, HC, CO2, NOx, O2 in different working condition, but also to diagnosis the working performance and working state of the engine.
Authors: Li Bing Duan, Wang Chang Geng, Fu Li Zhang, Xiao Long Shi
Abstract: Internationalization of higher education has become an irreversible trend of modern world, where international course is the key link. For Chinese universities, during the transition from traditional ‘Foreign students class’ (for foreign students only) to ‘International class’, in which Chinese students and foreign students will be trained under one roof, they have to face great challenges of teaching transition, including teaching contents, methods, examinations transformations. In this paper, taking materials physics courses for example, we put forward some suggestions on teaching transformation of international education from ‘Foreign students class’ to ‘International class’, basing on the experience of one-year visiting in University of Victoria (UVic), Canada and the differences of teaching between our Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) and UVic.
Authors: Yang Yang, Fen Ju Liu, Qing Fang Liu
Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the histocompatibility and carcinogenic toxicity of silicone gel-filled breast implants after irradiation sterilization and promote the application of irradiation sterilization in the polymer biomaterials. Methods: The initial contaminating bacteria of silicone gel-breast implants were detected in accordance with ISO11737 standard, and the dose of irradiation sterilization was set according to ISO11137 standard. After irradiation sterilization, a series of tests included cytotoxicity, sensitization, intracutaneous irritation and implantation tests were performed to evaluate the histocompatibility of silicone gel-breast implants. Results: No cytotoxicity and carcinogenicity were observed in irradiation sterilized silicone gel-filled breast implants, silicone gel-filled breast implants after irradiation sterilization did not induce local reactions, sensitization, intracutaneous irritation. Conclusion: After the dose of irradiation sterilization, silicone gel-filled breast implants had a good histocompatibility and no carcinogenicity, radiation sterilization is a good method for medical polymer biological material, which deserves further promotion and application.
Authors: Yu Zhuo Men, Hai Bo Yu, Xin Pan
Abstract: In order to study the main influence factors on urban traffic accident, the grey correlation system macroscopic prediction method was presented. Concerning the overall environmental perspective of people, automobile, and road as well as the distinctive characteristic of urban traffic accident, the prediction model of factors contributing to traffic accident was proposed. EXCEL software was applied to analyze the relations between the influence factors and traffic accidents with grey theory model adopted to calculate the correlation grade among different factors. The prediction Model was also validated through examples on the basis of the investigation of traffic accident and the relevant statistics. The results show that the model is applicable and efficient in forecasting the main factors and the relations between them, thus to avoid traffic accidents.
Authors: Xiao Qin Wei, Da Peng Zhu
Abstract: A method is formulated to model the properties of honeycomb paperboard based on Hilbert transform, In this method, there are no assumptions on the forms of the stiffness and damping properties, this method is truly nonparametric. An experiment system is set up to record the free response of the mass loaded honeycomb paperboard system, the experiment data are used to identify the stiffness and damping properties of honeycomb paperboard. The motion equation of mass loaded honeycomb paperboard system is formulated, the transmissibility curve is simulated, the comparison of the simulated curves and the experiment data indicates the model in this paper is accurate.
Authors: Yan Ping Zhou
Abstract: This paper proposed a new differential evolution algorithm based on variable neighbourhood search which is called as VNSDE. In VNSDE, the operation of variable neighbourhood search is performed after three basic operations of differential evolution, which can enhance the global search and improve the convergence. VNSDE is applied for solving flow shop scheduling problem with the makespan criterion. Computational experiment is performed over a typical FSSP benchmark using VNSDE, GA and DE, and result shows that VNSDE has higher performance than GA and DE.

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