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Authors: Qian Zhao, Jia Jun Duan, Cheng Wang
Abstract: At present, the ABS braking system has been widely used in vehicle brake system, has become the important mechanism of automobile brake performance. This paper use the advantage of AMESim software for hydraulic system modeling, and build up the the model of ABS for the automobile brake system according to ABS system working principle, Simulation of automobile ABS hydraulic brake system work process, through the relevant parameter settings, compare and analysis the impacts made by some elements of the whole ABS system, finally make the foundations for the brake system for further optimization and improvement.
Authors: Yong Hai Wu, Feng Wang
Abstract: Seeking the best layout engine scaffold materials is always the focus of the stent design personnel stent . This object of research in this article is the engine stent of a certain loader. the geometric structure model is created by Solidworks. On this basis, finite element model is created in ANSYS. Structure of stent is optimized topologically by using variable density of topological optimization algorithm in which bracket stiffness is been as the optimization objective and reduce the materials quality is been as the state variables. And stent is modeled secondly by using gotten the most optimal topological model. The stress and deformation of the improved stent of engine increased. But weight of stents is reduced by 8.7%.
Authors: Nan Ma, Xin Hao Chen, Xiang Ming Liu, Yun Bai
Abstract: Although there are complex patterns of discharges exist in neurons, which are often clustered in bursts, the pattern of the burst discharge can substantially change with the alternation of the living environment of the neurons. Furthermore, there is a big difference in the physiological and pharmacological characteristics of various types of burst discharges. So it is necessary to analyze the information contained in various types of burst discharges. Here, an automatic system for identification and analysis of the neuron discharge based on plotting histograms of the logarithm of the interspike interval was designed. The system consists of neuron discharge collecting unit, neuron discharge processing unit, battery monitoring, real-time charging unit and bursts processing software. The system can identify the burst discharge from the neuron discharge without any omission and make statistical analysis. By using this device, the electrophysiological experiment that the spontaneous and evoked discharges of wide dynamic range neurons in spinal dorsal horn of rats were recorded was smoothly completed. The result of statistical analysis indicated that the device can give the corresponding interspike interval aimed at various types of burst discharges and respectively identify the burst discharges in the different amplitude spikes, which provide a tool for further research on the biosensor and the neural communication.
Authors: Peng Jun Zhang, Yu Cheng Bo, Hui Yuan Wang, Qiang Li
Abstract: The motion process of the automatic loading system is a high overloading and intermittent motion environment will bring about motor windings loosening, transmission system wear and tear, fracture, sensor failure and other security risks or system failures. In the paper no-stationary signal analysis by wavelet transform through wavelet decomposition and non-linear threshold de-noising. And use PCA established system model for on-line monitor. By calculate and analysis four kind of result to find fault source. Finally through the experimental prove the reliability of the method.
Authors: Zhi Wei Zhang, Song Li, Bing Bing Chen, Jin Chun Song
Abstract: According to the testing craft and requirements of CNC Lathe about main spindle box, testing system of hardware and software structure was designed in this paper. It adopts sensors, data acquisition cards, industrial control computer, frequency converter and so on as hardware, good data analysis methods, and LabVIEW as software tool, to realize real-time monitoring of main spindle box testing conditions.
Authors: Guan Bin Gao, Jian Lu, Jian Jun Zhou
Abstract: The kinematic model of robots is to describe the nonlinear relationship between the displacement of joints and the position and orientation of the end-effector, which is an important part of robotics. Kinematic model has great influence on the robot’s accuracy and motion control. In this paper, we studied the robot’s kinematic modeling methods and analyzed the characteristics and singularity of traditional DH method. By analyzing and comparing the structural characteristics of a 6-DOF industrial robot a MDH method was chosen to establish kinematic model. From the kinematic model the joint coordinate systems, structural parameters and homogeneous transformation matrixes of the robot are obtained. The kinematic model provides a theoretical basis for the robot motion control, calibration and error compensation.
Authors: Ping Jiang Wang, Chang Jie Xu, Ji Hong Chen, Xiao Qi Tang
Abstract: Aimed at solving the problem of mold damage caused by a foreign body in the mold before mold clamping, this paper proposes a solution, which applies image processing technology such as background updating and the difference image algorithm to solve it. Not only can it judge whether there is a foreign body in the mold but it can also detect whether the product is perfect by comparing the foreground image with the background image at the appropriate time (before mold clamping or after mold opening) and by calculating the qualified rate of pixel in all ROIs (Region of Interest). To eliminate the influence of vibration and of changes in brightness in the surrounding environment on the detecting results, this paper utilizes near infrared illumination technology and the background updating algorithm. In addition, the ROI is set to improve the detecting speed and accuracy.
Authors: Jian Li Zhang, Hua Dong Zheng
Abstract: According to the actual iron production in Shougang, four devices of Material particle size detection system are designed. The structure and principle of equipment and the design of control system are introduced in this paper. The results of Physical testing and factory commissioning show that the control procedures are safe and reliable. The smooth production can be ensured. All the parameters can meet the production requirements.
Authors: Qin Man Fan
Abstract: The frame is the main part of the force matrix of truck vehicle and the stress state is complex and difficult to design. The finite element method is more accurate for the analysis of the static and dynamic characteristics of the frame, which provide guidance for the frame structure design. Establish finite element model of the frame with the application of ANSYS. According to the mechanical analysis of the model, impose reasonable constraints and load, the most typical of the four conditions in the frame is calculated with the finite element analysis, and predicted the weak parts of the frame according to the frame stress-strain cloud, which provided a very important theoretical basis for the improvement of the frame structure of the frame and optimizing design of the frame.
Authors: Qin Man Fan
Abstract: Taking the front suspension spring cover of a tractor as the research object, the ANSYS as topology optimization design platform, the minimum value of the volume of spring cover as the objective function, the strength and stiffness of the spring cover does not exceed the set value as the constraint conditions conduct topology optimization and obtained spring cover topology shape optimization model. The results showed that the optimized spring cover, while maintaining the original structural strength and stiffness properties, the new spring cover materials than the original proposal to reduce by 12.9%.

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