Research on Feedrate Planning Model for Continuous Small Lines Contour with Look-Ahead


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The traditional line or arc interpolation function treats small line segments separately and conducts feedrate planning within each of them. The rather small lengths of the segments result in low machining efficiency, and the frequent acceleration and deceleration also reduce the lifetime of the motor. To solve these problems, a look-ahead feedrate planning model for the continuous small lines contour (CSLC) is proposed in this paper to implement the high speed interpolating. The feedrate planning is elaborated from the aspects of the curvature characteristic of the contour, the turning feedrate, and the federate optimization between the adjacent segments. Simulations show that the proposed algorithm can efficiently improve the machining efficiency.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 591-593)

Edited by:

Liangchi Zhang, Chunliang Zhang, Jeng-Haur Horng and Zichen Chen




Q. S. Jiao and S. Y. Wang, "Research on Feedrate Planning Model for Continuous Small Lines Contour with Look-Ahead", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 591-593, pp. 414-418, 2012

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November 2012




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