Coaxial Adjusting Method for Irregular Rotating Workpiece


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At present, most coaxial adjustment methods were evolved from traditional dial indicator coaxial adjustment method. The outer of the contour used as a benchmark to measure the axial and radial ruinous in these methods. However, these methods contain cylinder error of the shaft itself. To solve this problem, a method of using the double-layer one-dimensional Position Sensitive Detector (PSD) and laser was proposed. The laser should be fixed to the outside of the irregular rotating device, ensuring the two parts synchronous rotate ; the 6 one-dimensional PSD was divided to high and low 2 layers which were placed in coaxial position with the reference axis. The laser coaxial sweep passing the PSD, when laser coaxial and the irregular device rotate synchronous, the light of spot position on the PSD can determine the irregular rotating workpiece’s axes and the reference axis position relationship, the device can be used to adjust coaxial in this way.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 591-593)

Edited by:

Liangchi Zhang, Chunliang Zhang, Jeng-Haur Horng and Zichen Chen




Q. Li et al., "Coaxial Adjusting Method for Irregular Rotating Workpiece", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 591-593, pp. 450-455, 2012

Online since:

November 2012




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