The Boundary Negative Slippage of Fluid Flowing in Hydrophilic Micro-Channels


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In order to analyze the characteristics of the liquid flow in hydrophilic micro-channels, the negative slippage in the hydrophilic micro-channels were studied by molecular dynamics simulation and experimental research in this paper. The simulation results indicate that there exists negative slippage in the small shear rate. The absolute value of slip length decreases with the augment of shear rate and keeps constant when the shear rate increases to a certain extent. In the condition of same wettability, the slip length is only relative to shear rate of fluids near the wall rather than channel widths. At last, a experiment of deionized water flow in the micro-channel of 10 diameter was carried out. The experimental results have a good agreement with the simulation, and there exists Pseudo Threshold Pressure Gradient(PTPG) under low flow velocity. The negative slippage as the reason of existence of PTPG is analyzed in low permeability porous media



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 594-597)

Edited by:

Lehua Wang and Gang Xu




F. Q. Song and L. Yu, "The Boundary Negative Slippage of Fluid Flowing in Hydrophilic Micro-Channels", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 594-597, pp. 2684-2688, 2012

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November 2012





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