Research on Solid-Gas Coupling Dynamic Model for Loaded Coal Containing Gas


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Considering the variation of the porosity and permeability of coal containing gas at differential deformation stages, a dynamic model for porosity and permeability is developed based on the previous researches. Furthermore, taking coal containing gas as a kind of isotropic elastoplastic material and taking into account the effect of gas adsorption, the stress and seepage equations are derived and, the solid gas coupling model for coal containing gas is constructed, which is appropriate to describe the skeleton deformability of coal containing gas and the compressibility of gas under the solid-gas interaction condition. In addition, the numerical simulation model is built by using the finite element method, and the numerical calculation solution of the model for a special loading case is given in term of the constraint conditions and corresponding parameters. The research results may have significance for further enriching and improving solid-gas coupling theories for coal containing gas.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 594-597)

Edited by:

Lehua Wang and Gang Xu




D. K. Wang et al., "Research on Solid-Gas Coupling Dynamic Model for Loaded Coal Containing Gas", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 594-597, pp. 446-451, 2012

Online since:

November 2012




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