Optical Measuring Technologies in Sheet Metal Processing


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During recent years, optical measuring technologies in sheet metal forming and tooling have been used more and more in the industry. Main applications are the digitizing of metal sheet parts and tools, forming analysis of metal sheets as well as the determination of material properties. Good interfaces to conventional CAD/CAM and numerical simulation systems made such optical measuring systems a part of complex process chains. These process chains mainly focus on optimizing the development of products and production processes and on improving the product quality. Using optical systems considerably decreases the development time for products and production while improving the quality.



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M. Geiger, J. Duflou, H.J.J. Kals, B. Shirvani and U.P. Singh




K. Galanulis, "Optical Measuring Technologies in Sheet Metal Processing", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 6-8, pp. 19-34, 2005

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May 2005




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