Sheet Metal 2005

Volumes 6-8

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Taylan Altan, H. Palaniswamy, G. Ambrogio, Yingyot Aue-u-Ian

Abstract: Tube Hydroforming is a well accepted production technology in automotive industry while sheet hydroforming is used in selected cases for...

Authors: H.J. Haepp, M. Rohleder

Abstract: Nowadays feasibility studies using finite element analysis are performed in very early design phases of sheet metal parts forming. Further,...

Authors: Konstantin Galanulis

Abstract: During recent years, optical measuring technologies in sheet metal forming and tooling have been used more and more in the industry. Main...

Authors: J. Jeswiet

Abstract: The use of computers in manufacturing has enabled the development of several new sheet metal forming processes. This paper describes...

Authors: Frank Vollertsen

Abstract: There is some remarkable progress in laser beam welding of sheet metal which is driven by the advent of improved laser systems and process...

Authors: A.H. van den Boogaard, H. H. Wisselink, J. Huétink

Abstract: The accuracy of material models can have a large impact on the overall accuracy of material forming simulations in general and sheet forming...

Authors: R. Kopp, C. Wiedner, A. Meyer

Abstract: Light weight construction is a construction philosophy which aims at maximum weight reduction. Reasons for light weight construction can be...

Authors: Peter Groche, T. Callies

Abstract: Today’s sheet metal forming is affected by several trends concerning sheet metal material. The sheet metal forming industry is thereby...

Authors: Reimund Neugebauer, Angela Göschel, Andreas Sterzing, Petr Kurka, Michael Seifert

Abstract: The focus of forming high-strength steel at elevated temperature is to improve its forming properties like elongation and to reduce the...

Authors: Markus Pfestorf

Abstract: Sophisticated materials like high strength steel or even multi phase steel as well as aluminum require more efforts within the...


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