Sheet Metal 2005

Volumes 6-8

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J. Wilden, Jean-Pierre Bergmann, M. Dolles, Sebastian Reich

Abstract: Zinc coated steels are nowadays used for different applications as for example for household appliances, automotive or offtakes. Due to the...

Authors: Fritz Klocke, A. Castell-Codesal, D. Donst

Abstract: Compared to welding, laser brazing offers a suitable possibility to lower the working temperature and to join unweldable material...

Authors: Friedrich Wilhelm Bach, A. Beniyash, K. Lau, R. Versemann

Abstract: Against the background of the required weight reduction in transportation through lightweight construction, the application of hybrid...

Authors: U. Dilthey, A. Gumenyuk, H. Masny

Abstract: The electron beam has, for decades now, proven to be a most efficient and reliable tool for joining tasks in different application fields....

Authors: Li Han, Ken W. Young, R. Hewitt, A. Chrysanthou, J.M. O'Sullivan

Abstract: Self-piercing riveting as an alternative joining method to spot-welding has attracted considerable interest from the automotive industry...

Authors: H. Laukant, C. Wallmann, M. Korte, Uwe Glatzel

Abstract: Joining of iron with aluminium in the liquid phase is complicated due to the formation of brittle intermetallics within Fe-Al melts. In...

Authors: Claus Thomy, Thomas Seefeld, Frank Vollertsen

Abstract: Latest developments in laser physics have enabled the production of high-power fibre lasers with beam powers up to 10 kW at excellent beam...

Authors: Claus Thomy, Frank Vollertsen

Abstract: In order to minimize the occurrence of hot-cracking phenomena in laser welding of hotcracking sensitive aluminum alloy sheets, it is a...

Authors: A. Blankl, Manfred Geiger

Abstract: The customers’ demand for high quality and low cost products with rising functionality forces the enterprises to cost savings. In production...

Authors: D. Tikhomirov, Bert Rietman, K. Kose, M. Makkink

Abstract: Welding distortion is one of the major concerns of the industrial joining practice. In order to obtain optimal welding parameters many...


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