Sheet Metal 2005

Volumes 6-8

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Reimund Neugebauer, R. Mauermann, Stephan Dietrich

Abstract: Two new joining methods for sheet metal parts, dieless clinching and dieless rivet-clinching are introduced in this paper. With these...

Authors: Michael F. Zäh, L. Papadakis, Sven Roeren, T. Hornfeck

Abstract: During the joining process of complex body components in the automobile industry, dimensional accuracy is essential. In order to predict...

Authors: Claus Thomy, M. Schilf, Thomas Seefeld, G. Sepold, Frank Vollertsen

Abstract: In conventional robot-guided laser beam welding of sheet metal, e.g. for automotive applications, one of the key aspects determining the...

Authors: J. Wilden, Jean-Pierre Bergmann

Abstract: The use of aluminium alloys rose in the last decade, as its specific mechanical properties allow a reduction of mass as for example in...

Authors: Miklós Tisza, Zsolt Lukács

Abstract: During the recent years, due to the rapid development in Finite Element modeling, as well as the rapid evolution of computer techniques,...

Authors: S. Kumar, R. Singh

Abstract: This paper discusses the trends and developments in intelligent CAD of progressive die. The research efforts reviewed reveal the growing...

Authors: R. Lustig, R. Hochmuth, H. Meerkamm

Abstract: Tolerance analysis is nowadays a modern and efficient tool to simulate toleranced assemblies. As a result the designer gets the closing...

Authors: A. Albers, H. Weiler, D. Emmrich, B. Lauber

Abstract: Beads are a widespread technology for reinforcing sheet metal structures, because they can be applied without any additional manufacturing...

Authors: Dirk Cattrysse, P. Collin, Joost R. Duflou, T.H.M. Nguyen, Dirk Van Oudheusden

Abstract: Both the topics of Computer Aided Process Planning and Production Planning in the context of sheet metal air bending have been presented as...

Authors: Hinnerk Hagenah, T. Wurm

Abstract: Ongoing miniaturisation of functional parts in electronic, optical and mechanical devices results in an increasing demand for precision. By...


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