Sheet Metal 2005

Volumes 6-8

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sami Chatti, Uwe Dirksen, Marco Schikorra, Matthias Kleiner

Abstract: The process chain for the production of lightweight profile structures consists of the design and computation phases, the manufacturing of...

Authors: T.H.M. Nguyen, Joost R. Duflou, Jean Pierre Kruth

Abstract: Sheet metal bending is a metal forming process, in which flat sheets are bent along straight bend lines in a specific bending sequence to...

Authors: H. Bley, C. Zenner, M. Bossmann

Abstract: As the quality of manufactured products as well as the quality of the used manufacturing processes has become more and more important for a...

Authors: M. Prechtl, Andrea Otto, Manfred Geiger

Abstract: The technology of Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) is not very new. For hundreds of years wooden parts are built by stacking layers...

Authors: Massimo Tolazzi, Marion Merklein

Abstract: The finite element analysis of sheet forming processes needs precise and reproducible data of the tribological conditions, which influence...

Authors: Bernd Arno Behrens, J.W. Yun, M. Milch

Abstract: In this paper, a concept of a closed-loop-control system for the material flow in deep drawing processes based on a fuzzy-controller is...

Authors: Branimir Barisic, Tomaz Pepelnjak, Karl Kuzman

Abstract: Deep drawing process, although deceptively simple, involves a complex interplay between material properties, die geometry, process...

Authors: C.W. Tai, H.-C. Tsai, Sheng Chi Tsai

Abstract: To promote the competitiveness of 3C industries in Taiwan, the cold forging progressive die technology is still being developed. The...

Authors: M. Kerausch, Marion Merklein, Detlev Staud

Abstract: Aluminum alloys, due to their low density compared to steels, are an important group of materials, in particular for light weight...

Authors: Elisabetta Ceretti, Claudio Giardini, C. Contri, Paolo Bortot

Abstract: Numerical simulation conducted by Finite Element Method is one of the most powerful tools for analyzing metal forming processes. Among...


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