Sheet Metal 2005

Volumes 6-8

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hans Kurt Tönshoff, J. Bunte, O. Meier, L. Engelbrecht

Abstract: Cupping small form elements in hydroforming processes requires high work pressures and clamping forces and thus high capital investments for...

Authors: Manfred Geiger, P. Dal Bó, J. Hecht

Abstract: Tube hydroforming is an advanced technology for the manufacturing of lightweight components with complex shape. The forming results can be...

Authors: Peter Groche, C. Metz

Abstract: During forming of non-rotationally symmetric sheet metal parts at high pressures nonuniform deformation conditions arise in the flange area....

Authors: Rainer Krux, Werner Homberg, M. Kalveram, Michael Trompeter, Matthias Kleiner, Klaus Weinert

Abstract: A promising approach to control the material flow within deep drawing and workingmedia based forming processes is the structuring of the...

Authors: O. Kreis, M. Celeghini, Marion Merklein

Abstract: The shortening of process chains and the combination of innovative manufacturing technologies offer the possibility to enhance the...

Authors: Horst Meier, H. Ermert, P. Knoll, Oliver Keitmann-Curdes

Abstract: With fluid forming processes getting more and more common in industrial application a lot of research is carried out to analyze the forming...

Authors: J. Jeswiet, David J. Young, M. Ham

Abstract: Although not standard, Forming Limit Diagrams, FLD’s, are used throughout the automotive industry as a preliminary tool to determine if a...

Authors: Lothar W. Meyer, C. Gahlert, F. Hahn

Abstract: By cyclic torsion tests on thin walled tubular specimens the influence of a resulting strain increment per cycle on the plastic flow...

Authors: Joost R. Duflou, B. Callebaut, Jean Pierre Kruth

Abstract: The aim of the research presented in this paper is to investigate the feasibility of generating 3D features in sheet metal blanks using...

Authors: H. Schulze Niehoff, Frank Vollertsen

Abstract: A new process technology for stretch-forming of thin sheet metals is presented within this paper. This new technology is based on shock...


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