Sheet Metal 2005

Volumes 6-8

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Arthur Giera, Marion Merklein, Manfred Geiger

Abstract: The multifarious applications of aluminum alloys in different industrial domains are based on the mechanical properties as well as the...

Authors: S. Dörfler, Andrea Otto

Abstract: Ever since its invention, friction stir welding has been of great interest for the joining of light weight materials. Due to joining in the...

Authors: Xiao Hang Liu, Mike Daniels, Bez Shirvani

Abstract: For reasons of cost and weight, light gauge sheet is used wherever possible for metal fabrications. In sheet metal forming the process is to...

Authors: A.W. Behrens, J. Ellert

Abstract: Embossing is a well known method to improve the transverse rigidity of thin sheet metal plates. This paper deals with a special embossing...

Authors: M. Thome, Gerhard Hirt, B. Rattay

Abstract: The continuing miniaturization of production systems and products poses a challenge for metal forming technologies to produce precise small...

Authors: C. Karch, Karl Roll

Abstract: The recent push to use more aluminium in automobiles has stimulated interest in understanding electromagnetic forming (EMF), which uses...

Authors: L. Mosse, Wesley J. Cantwell, M.J. Cardew-Hall, Paul Compston, Shankar Kalyanasundaram

Abstract: The quality of the part and the robustness of the process in stamp-forming of sheet materials are determined by a number of variables. This...

Authors: Manfred Geiger, G. van der Heyd, Marion Merklein, Wolfgang Hussnätter

Abstract: In times of highest significance of process modelling and numerical simulation characterisation of material properties is of special...

Authors: Friedrich Wilhelm Bach, M. Rodman, A. Rossberg

Abstract: In order to make magnesium sheets a competitive material alternative for highly sophisticated light-weight constructions the complete...

Authors: R.P. Garrett, J. Lin, Trevor A. Dean

Abstract: To overcome the major problems in forming aluminium sheet components, such as springback, low formability and microstructure variation a...


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