Micro and Nano Technology

Volumes 60-61

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.60-61

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Authors: Chang Zheng Xiang, Yu Juan Wang, Yun Fei Chen

Abstract: Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation is used to simulate the hydrodynamics lubrication in the nanoscale bearing. A physical model of...

Authors: J.H. Zhang, Qing An Huang, H. Yu, J. Wang

Abstract: . In this paper, in order to determine whether the ballistic current enhancement saturates at very high stress level or can be further...

Authors: Pe Min Lu, Hong Jie Jia, Shu Ying Cheng

Abstract: SnS and Ag films were deposited on glass substrates by vacuum thermal evaporation successively, then they were annealed in N2 ambience at a...

Authors: Shi Bin Sun, Zeng Da Zou, Guang Hui Min

Abstract: A simple sonochemical synthesis of tungsten trioxide hydrate with various morphologies has been developed by using tungsten hexachloride...

Authors: Ning Li, Xue Zeng Zhao, Wei Jie Wang

Abstract: This paper proposes a methodology method for line edge roughness (LER) measurement and characterization using atomic force microscope. The...

Authors: Li Ping Liu, Yun Dou Wang, Yan Jun Zhang

Abstract: In cell biology and medicine study, continuous high spatial resolution observations of living cells would greatly aid the elucidation of the...

Authors: Wei Ping Chen, Yu Gang Guo, Xiao Liang Chen, Hong Chen, Zhen Gang Zhao

Abstract: This paper researches on the temperature effects of a fully-symmetrical micromachined gyroscope. The Young’s modulus and thermal expansion...

Authors: Jian Lin Luo, Zhong Dong Duan

Abstract: Some multi-walled carbon nanotubes (NMWTs) were firstly dispersed in aqueous solution with surfactant ultrasonic dispersion process, then...

Authors: Li Ning Sun, Tao Chen, Li Guo Chen, Xin Xin Li

Abstract: This work is focused on design and fabrication of a hybrid-type electrostatic silicon microgripper integrated vacuum tool. Vacuum tools are...


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