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Authors: Wen Bian, Yan Yu, Dong Yao Xu
Abstract: In this paper the harm of Cd in soil and current situation of soil contaminated by Cd were discussed, and then the remediation technologies of Cd contaminated soils, which included engineering remediation methods, chemical remediation methods, bioremediation methods and agriculture remediation methods at home and abroad were roundly introduced. At the same time, pointed out existing problems and proposed research directions in the future.
Authors: Chang Liu
Abstract: This paper presents a study of effects of low power ultrasonication on anaerobic digestion of sludge. Based on the optimizing tests, large lab scale experiments were implemented to investigate impact of different dosage of ultrasonication on a sludge anaerobic process. Hydrolysis capacity of sludge for protein, cellulose and fat, pH, content of coenzyme F420 and daily yield of biogas were detected to observe changes of the main biochemical steps. The underlying mechanisms for the enhancement of sludge digestion efficiency by low power ultrasonication are also discussed.
Authors: Yu Ping Tao
Abstract: Sports tourism and leisure sports are among the latest fashions of modern society, the exploitation of resources of which are of great importance. The aim of exploitation of sports tourism and leisure sports resources is to serve human beings by utilizing resources and to turn advantages of resources into those of products. Environmental pollution, ecological environment degradation and the impact of invasive alien species and the use of machines, resulting from exploitation of sports tourism and leisure sports resources, however, destroy the carrying capacity of places that bear these resources. Exploitation of sports tourism and leisure sports resources, therefore, must be planned scientifically and attention should be paid to the protection of ecological environment. Adopting methods of literature collecting and case study, this paper studies rational exploitation of sports tourism and leisure sports resources and regional economic development, emphasizing on adhering to sustainable development.
Authors: Yu Ping Tao
Abstract: Outdoor sports are a series of sports events carried out in inartificially natural environments. However, drastic sports competition and excessive utilization of the outdoor sports resources will surpass its carrying capacity, bringing about environmental damage and threats to ecological security. This paper aims to discuss the extension of the life circle of the outdoor sports resources with methods of literature collection and case analysis and to emphasize the harmonious co-development of outdoor sports and natural environment. The conclusions obtained are as follows: outdoor sports can prompt people to live in harmony with nature; a proper load of outdoor sports resources can make a contribution to its circular development; the carrying capacity of outdoor sports resources is limited, which means overload will threat ecological security. Therefore, in order to get outdoor sports developed in a scientific, rational, healthy and orderly way, we must protect the ecosystem and increase the carrying capacity of outdoor sports resources.
Authors: Xin Li Ge, Qiang Zhao, Yang Yang Liu, Zhen Dong
Abstract: Exploitation and utilization of new energy and a road of green development have become the only way for the development of China’s electric power industry. Firstly, environmental effects of the trough solar thermal power generation are analyzed. Then, the investing and operating economy of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) are studied. It concludes that CSP does well in the energy saving and emission reduction, and the unit price per kilowatt and discount rate have direct impacts on the investment cost of CSP. Finally, incentives for the development of CSP are put forward.
Authors: Hui Jun Peng
Abstract: The study on environmental attitude and behavior intention of tourist is a hot topic in the environmental protection research. Taking Dongzhou islet of Hengyang, in Hunan Province of China as an example, the paper researched the environmental attitude, behavior intention of tourists with environment resource in river islet and their relationship. The study collected the data by questionnaire and analyzed the data by SPSS software. The result shows that the environmental attitude of tourist with environment resource in river islet can be categorized into four dimensions, namely environmental morality, environmental knowledge, environmental responsibility and environmental sentiment. The dimensions of environmental morality, environmental knowledge and environmental sentiment have the positive relations with the environmental behavior intention
Authors: Hui Ye Duan, Wen Cai Xu, Dong Li Li, Ya Bo Fu, Jing Yong Zhang
Abstract: The germicidal bags which can release environmental properties of SO2 fungicide, have lower water vapor transmission rate and higher oxygen transmission rate, and theirs effect on preservation of table grapes was investigated during storage at room temperature. The results showed that germicidal bags were able to maintain physicochemical, and physiological quality of grapes at a higher level compared with the common LDPE bags. At 16th days, decreases in the water loss rate, berry decay rate, and contents of total soluble solids, titratable acidity of germicidal bags groups were significantly inhibited. Although the content of TSS, TA and the berry firmness didn't show the significant difference between the germicidal bags and control group, but decay rate, shatter rate, and water loss rate of the control group were increased to 5.01%, 13.58%, and 0.67%, respectively. The control group had lost edible value. The overall results expressed that grapes quality can be maintained effectively at least for 16 days using germicidal bags.
Authors: Min Yi Huang, Ren Yan Duan, Li Ping Ren, Xiu Ling Zhao, Dan Wu
Abstract: Environmental materials are widely used, which destroy the environment. We used Rana nigromaculata to research the effects of environmental material dicofol. Rana nigromaculata were injected in ventral lymph follicle in different doses of dicofol solution every a day. After the treatment, the sperm activation, sperm deformity, number and abnormal ratio were observed and calculated. The results show that with the dicofol concentration increasing, sperm activation reduces, sperm number decreases, sperm abnormality rate increases significantly. The conclusion is that dicofol has toxic effects on R. nigromaculata reproduction obviously.
Authors: Ru Zhang, Kai Bin Feng, Jie Yang
Abstract: This paper presents a study on the use of wetland as best management practices (BMPs) for controlling nonpoint source pollution located at Shenzhen and Qian Lake watershed at Nanchang in southern China. The Shenzhen experiments tested a construct wetland at the Xikeng Reservoir watershed, while the Nanchang experiments were conducted for treating stormwater on the campus of Nanchang University. Samples were collected during storm events and were analyzed for total suspended solids (TSS), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), ammonia nitrogen (NH3–N), and total phosphorus (TP). The removal efficiencies of both wetland systems were evaluated using the Efficiency Ratio (ER) method based on the event mean concentration (EMC) data. The wide range of performance results show that the average pollutants removal efficiencies of Qian Lake wetland are higher that Shenzhen wetland.

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