Preparation and Characterization of Sodium Hexatitanate Whiskers


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Sodium hexatitanate (Na2O•6TiO2) whiskers with an average diameter and aspect ratio of 1-3 µm and 10-20 respectively were synthesized by calcinating mixtures of industrial grade sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), anatase TiO2 and potassium fluoride (KF). The growth of sodium hexatitanate whiskers was obtainable in a range of TiO2/Na2CO3 molar ratio from 4 to 6, heating temperature from 940 °C to 1000 °C and content of KF from 5 wt.% to 7 wt.% with different morphologies and aspect ratio of the products. The role of KF on the growth behavior of Na2O•6TiO2 whiskers was demonstrated by structural and morphological observation.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 602-604)

Edited by:

Zhiming Shi, Junhui Dong and Wen Ma




X. Y. Zhang et al., "Preparation and Characterization of Sodium Hexatitanate Whiskers", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 602-604, pp. 1339-1343, 2013

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December 2012




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