Effect of Tempering Temperature on Microstructure and Properties of Cold Deformed Low Carbon Bainitic Steel


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In order to research the cold deformation work hardening characteristic of new type low carbon bainitic steel, this article studies the effect of different degrees of cold deformation (elongation and compression) and different tempering temperatures on microstructure and mechanical properties of 15SiMn2Mo low carbon beinaitic steel. The results showed that with the tempering temperature increasing after 10% pre-tension deformation, the tensile strength and yield strength of the test material increased first and then decreased, and reached its peak value at 300°C, roughly the same as the strength of hot-rolling and 300°C tempering. With the compression deformation degree rising, the hardness of test material increased and showed the test material has good work hardening performance. Streamline and "z" shape ferrite banding appeared in microstructure. With the tempering temperature increasing, the microstructure of compressed deformation steel recoveried and recrystallized, the tendency of ferrite along the streamline was weakened, the new refining granular phase was enhanced and uniformity of microstructure was improved. The microstructure refinement was significantly increased with the compressive deformation degree rising.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 602-604)

Edited by:

Zhiming Shi, Junhui Dong and Wen Ma




Z. X. Liu and J. Q. Cheng, "Effect of Tempering Temperature on Microstructure and Properties of Cold Deformed Low Carbon Bainitic Steel", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 602-604, pp. 305-308, 2013

Online since:

December 2012




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