A Preliminary Study on DeNOx Technologies for Biomass Power Plant


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The aim of this paper is to discuss and find proper technologies to meet the new deNOX demand for biomass power plants in China. One of the outstanding features of these power plants is the emission of NOX at times which fails to meet the new standard. However, even if it’s above the emission standard, the value is not too high due to its low combustion temperature. Another feature is the large alkali content in the straw which forms fly-ash with vapour in flue gas. The traditional methods of SNCR and SCR will not fit bio-fuel boilers because of their low combustion temperature, small volume of furnace, high humidity and alkali metal in bio-fuel. Active coke adsorption maybe fit the installed boilers for its simple system and high efficiency. The recirculation of flue gas through a char layer needs to change the design of the boiler combustion system, which can cut immensely the deNOX operation cost of the biomass power plants.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 608-609)

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Yongguang Li, Yong Li and Weiguo Pan




F. Shi et al., "A Preliminary Study on DeNOx Technologies for Biomass Power Plant", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 608-609, pp. 388-391, 2013

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December 2012





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