The Effect of Drying-Rewetting on Soil Nitrogen Nitrification


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More frequently drying-rewetting is likely to be expected for soils this century, with strong effect on nitrogen transformation. Experiments were conducted in semi-disturbed soils which were incubated under 4 different moisture regimes (dry wet\constant wet\constant dry\constant flooded) for 71 d. The results show that the dry soil has a rapid NO3--N increase after rewetting. Drying-rewetting increases soil nitrification which shows a "pulse" increasing. The drying and rewetting soil has the highest nitrification intensity when the soil moisture content (g/g) ranging at 15.82% ~ 17.06%. Drying-rewetting contributes to the accumulation of NO3--N.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 610-613)

Edited by:

Qunjie Xu, Yanzhong Ju and Honghua Ge




Y. Y. Zheng et al., "The Effect of Drying-Rewetting on Soil Nitrogen Nitrification", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 610-613, pp. 385-389, 2013

Online since:

December 2012




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