Survey of Nitrite in the Naturally Fermented Sour Pickled Cabbages in Northeast of China


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In order to provide a more scientific and healthy reference for the people lived in the northeast of China to eat sour pickled cabbages, in the study, the nitrite content of 11 naturally fermented sour pickled cabbages collected from the Daqing area were detected by the spectrophotometry method according to Chinese National Food Standard (GB5009.33-2010). The results shown that the content level of nitrite in the pickled vegetables were between 0.17 mg/kg and 1.98mg/kg,it was more lower than 20mg/kg, the limit of nitrite described in Chinese National Food Standard (GB2714-2003).



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 610-613)

Edited by:

Qunjie Xu, Yanzhong Ju and Honghua Ge




M. Zhang et al., "Survey of Nitrite in the Naturally Fermented Sour Pickled Cabbages in Northeast of China", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 610-613, pp. 409-412, 2013

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December 2012




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