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Authors: K.J. Osinubi, Thomas Stephen Ijimdiya, I. Nmadu
Abstract:Laboratory studies to investigate the effect of Bagasse Ash (BA) admixture on the engineering properties of lime treated black cotton soil...
Authors: O.M. Ogundipe, Y.A. Jimoh
Abstract:In this paper, sawdust concrete with nominal mixes 1:1:2, 1:1½:3, 1:2:4, 1:3:6 and 1:4:8 were subjected to durability test. The 28-day water...
Authors: O.E. Alutu, E.N. Ejike
Abstract:The purpose of this study is to carry out tests on concrete made with a typical Benin City silty sand and determine the major concrete...
Authors: O.E. Alutu, A. Omorogie
Abstract:The purpose of this study is to see if varying the vibration time and sand type during moulding of blocks would affect the strength of the...
Authors: J.O. Ehiorobo
Abstract:In recent years, the need to monitor for Deformation in Engineering Structures such as Dams, Bridges and Tall buildings have become more...
Authors: J.O. Osarenmwinda, A.O. Awaro
Abstract:The potential of periwinkle shell as coarse aggregate for concrete was studied in this paper. The properties of concrete made with periwinkle...
Authors: O.U. Orie
Abstract:This paper determined the torsional strength of steel reinforcements used in the construction industry in Nigeria and compares their Modulus...
Authors: B.A. Adegboye
Abstract:The paper explores power quality disturbances on a specified section of the distribution network of a Textile Industry in Kaduna State of...
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