Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies II

Volumes 62-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: G.A. Bakare, A.K. Inyanda, M. Kunduli

Abstract: The task of load frequency controller (LFC) is to maintain the area generation–demand balance by adjusting the outputs on regulating units...

Authors: M.O. Eyinagho, E. Solomon, T. Adeyemi, D. Ebhohimen, D. Adeniyi, D. Adams

Abstract: In this paper, a prototype of an electronic patient record management system using smart cards is described. An application using visual...

Authors: E.A. Ogujor, E.U. Ubeku, P.T. Aikhoje

Abstract: Application of Pareto Analysis technique in major feeder pillar faults identification is presented in this paper. Power outage data due to...

Authors: A.K. Inyanda, G.A. Bakare, M. Kunduli

Abstract: Load Frequency Controllers (LFC) are required to maintain constant power and frequency in inter-connected power generating systems....

Authors: M.S. Okundamiya, J.O. Emagbetere, F.O. Edeko

Abstract: The incidence of car theft in Nigeria has grown to nearly epidemic proportion. On daily basis, the numbers of stolen cars reported over the...

Authors: T.I. Raji, Z.K. Adeyemo

Abstract: In this paper, we study the performance of Binary phase shift keying (BPSK) and Quartenary phase shift keying (QPSK) modulation signalling...

Authors: S.O. Onohaebi, S.T. Apeh

Abstract: The prevalence of fire incidents in buildings resulting from electrical faults due to haphazard planning and installations have reached an...

Authors: A.O. Melodi

Abstract: A study of the growth dynamics of the installed capacity of the Nigerian Power System from 1963 to date was done. Perspective available...

Authors: I.A. Adejumobi

Abstract: This paper presented the qualitative assessment of transformer insulating oil. The breakdown voltage, dielectric and acidity tests were...

Authors: E.U. Ubeku, E.A. Ogujor

Abstract: This paper presents the use of a user-interactive MATLAB programme for the design and the parameter estimation of a three-phase induction...


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