Feasible Study of Long Thin N-CMO and P-CCO for Thermoelectric Generator


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We present feasibleness of the thermoelectric generator (TEG) from the long thin P-Ca3Co4O9 (CCO) and N-CaMnO3 (CMO) legs constructing of Cu electrodes, silver paint and ceramic plates to achieve good electrical conduction that improved the performance of the TEG module. The P and N legs synthesized by solid state reaction (SSR) method and measured thermoelectric properties in air dimension of 0.5×20×3 mm3 attracting on ceramic substrate size of 25×25×1 mm3. The electrical voltage and current as a function of temperature difference <160 K were measured. The module boundary condition, the distribution current, current density, distribution voltage, distribution temperature and thermal flux were simulated by finite element method for comparison. The TEG fabrication has been obtained the electrical voltage, current and power of 10 mV, 0.25 µA and 0.025 µW.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 622-623)

Edited by:

R. Sivakumar




T. Seetawan et al., "Feasible Study of Long Thin N-CMO and P-CCO for Thermoelectric Generator", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 622-623, pp. 220-223, 2013

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December 2012




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