Effect of Activated Carbon Materials’ Surface Texture Parameters on Separation Factor for Coal Mine Methane


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Nine types of active carbon materials’ adsorption isotherm of nitrogen at 77K were measured, and their surface texture parameters were calculated out. Then there adsorption isotherm of coal mine methane at 298K, 308K and 318K were measured experimentally. The equilibrium selectivity factor of methane to nitrogen was calculated out based on Langmuir equation. And the optimal adsorbent for coal mine methane separation is AC1 in these nine types of active carbon with separation factor of 4.6 at 298K. The experimental result indicated that the separation characteristic for coal mine methane does not only depend by its specific surface area, pore volume and it also depend by its micropore structure. The relationship between the surface texture parameters and separation factor at 298K could express by a multiple linear regression equation:α=3.20323-0.000728164S-3.73458V+8.16711V’ +0.02026dp (R2=0.933).



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B. Xu and H.Y. Li




X. Yang et al., "Effect of Activated Carbon Materials’ Surface Texture Parameters on Separation Factor for Coal Mine Methane", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 625, pp. 177-180, 2013

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December 2012




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