A Method for Garment Design Drawing Extraction from Garment Image


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The method proposed in this paper mainly proceeds in three steps: first, original silhouette edge can be automatically obtained though processing the image with morphology tools. Second, as existing effects of printed pattern, texture noise in the original silhouette edge should be removed and the silhouette should be faired. In this step, texture noise segment recognition algorithm and curve fairing algorithm based on feature point extraction are proposed. Third, style curves are extracted through the mouse interactive operation. In addition, the problems about finding intersections, symmetric point calculation and using what kind of spline to fit style curves are discussed.



Edited by:

Huawu Liu, Yongxin Yang, Shijie Shen, Zhili Zhong, Laijiu Zheng and Peng Feng




L. X. An and L. Wei, "A Method for Garment Design Drawing Extraction from Garment Image", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 627, pp. 497-500, 2013

Online since:

December 2012





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