Influence of Density on the Thermal Conductivity of Fiberglass Felt


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The influence of density on the thermal conductivity of fiberglass felt is studied by experiment.Experimental data obtained using the coefficient of thermal conductivity measuring instrument(Germany Netzsch HFM 436).The results show that the thermal conductivity of the low-density fiberglass felt increases with the increasing of density,when the density of fiberglass felt is below a certain value,the thermal conductivity is tend to a stable value.At last the conclusion that using the heat-transfer mechanism of the porous materials explains this phenomenon has also been drawn by experiment.



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Dayun Xu




Y. Yang et al., "Influence of Density on the Thermal Conductivity of Fiberglass Felt", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 628, pp. 33-36, 2013

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December 2012




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