Study on Technological Parameters of Polishing Large Aspheric Elements


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Large aspheric elements in giant laser facility are fabricated using computer controlled rapid polishing technology. The technological parameters are main influencing factors of efficiency. Base on Preston hypothesis, linear relationship of material removal with polishing pressure, polishing velocity and other conditions are established. According to the material removal function model of computer controlled rapid polishing, the removal function is simulated using MATLAB software. The influencing factors of volume removal efficiency are analyzed. In practice, the optimum polishing parameters are eccentricity 0.4, rotational velocity of principal axis 330 rpm, rotational velocity of polishing pad -600 rpm.



Edited by:

Dayun Xu




X. H. Chen et al., "Study on Technological Parameters of Polishing Large Aspheric Elements", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 630, pp. 142-147, 2013

Online since:

December 2012




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