Characteristics of the Transfer Film and Tribological Properties of Oxide/PTFE Composites


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The formed transfer film on the counterpart surface and tribological properties of PTFE composites filled with Al2O3 or SiO2 were investigated in this paper. The results indicated that under the same friction conditions, the friction coefficients of SiO2/PTFE and Al2O3/PTFE are very close to each other, but the wear resistance of SiO2/PTFE is superior to that of Al2O3/PTFE. According to the measured data, the micro-hardness and elastic modulus of the transfer film for SiO2/PTFE are much better than those of Al2O3/PTFE. In addition, the interfacial adhesion strength between the transfer film of SiO2/PTFE and the counterface is higher. It can be proved that the mechanical properties of transfer films for PTFE composites vary with different fillers and the friction transfer film with better adhesion strength and mechanical property is useful to improve the tribological properties of the composite.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 631-632)

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Ming Wu




T. Xie et al., "Characteristics of the Transfer Film and Tribological Properties of Oxide/PTFE Composites", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 631-632, pp. 172-175, 2013

Online since:

January 2013




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