The Development of Annealing Time for Super Fine Grain and High Strength IF Steel


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The hot rolling, cold rolling and simulative continuous annealing experiments were carried out in the laboratory on the base of new type SFG HSS (super fine grain, high strength steel sheet). The results show that the microstructure which contains a number of cake shaped grain can be refined and homogenized by the feasible annealing holding time. Contrast to the conventional steel, the SFG steel have the characters of super fine grain, high tensile strength, low yield strength/tensile strength rate, good elongation and high r-value high(the plastic strain ratio).



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 631-632)

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Ming Wu




H. M. Zhang and L. F. Qiao, "The Development of Annealing Time for Super Fine Grain and High Strength IF Steel", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 631-632, pp. 613-616, 2013

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January 2013




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