Intelligent System, Applied Materials and Control Technology

Volume 645

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qian Zhang, Qiu Xiang Wang, Hong Zhou Dong, Li Feng Dong

Abstract: In this paper, we have synt hesized exotic carbon fibers with branched spurs by a chemical vapor deposition method using nickel catalyst...

Authors: Yu Lou, Dong Jian Shi, Wei Fu Dong, Ming Qing Chen

Abstract: Polymerizations of VAc was carried out using AIBN as the initiator and DIP as the MADIX agent precursor. Then, block copolymer PVAc-b-PNVA...

Authors: Du Ming Gong, Qi Cheng Liu, Ling Chen, Zi Jia Xiong

Abstract: The engineering property of water-based epoxy resin mortar was investigated in this paper, the fluidity and pin performance are analyzed....

Authors: Hui Zhong, Zheng Fang, Bao Hua Zou, Xin Li, Kai Guo

Abstract: The esterification of oleic acid with alkyl alcohols in solv ent-free systems was catalyzed by an immobilized lipase from Candida sp ....

Authors: Qiu Xiang Wang, Qian Zhang, Li Feng Dong

Abstract: Carbon fibers with different morphologies are obtained using different cupric solution precursors (e.g., cupric sulfate, cupric nitrate, and...

Authors: Jie Yan Li, Dong Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Thermal decay characteristic of fiber Bra gg Grating (FBG) written into hydrogen-loaded optical fiber by exposing to ultraviolet (UV) laser...

Authors: Fu Yang, Xu Dong Meng, Dong Zhan Zhou, Zhi Ping Yang

Abstract: The BaMg 1.99-x(PO4)2:0.01Eu 3+,xN+(N=Li, Na, K) phosphors were synthesized by high temperature...

Authors: Zhen Tao Zhang, Zhao Bin Sun, Xue Hui Yang, Yan Hua Dong

Abstract: The technology of manufacturing wood-plastic composite (WPC) using polyethylene powder (LDPE) and regenerated wood fiber was studied. The...

Authors: Hui Qing Li, Xiu Fang Wang, Jun Zhang, Xiao Wei Di

Abstract: Biomolecule functionalized gold nanoparticles offer a broad range of applications in biomedical and bioanalytical areas. In this work, we...


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